NOSSA Annual Spring Show Information

This page contains information and details on judging, how to enter displays, sell plants and volunteer for the NOSSA Spring Show

Volunteers required for NOSSA SHOW

This major event in the NOSSA calendar is very popular with the public who have been known to line up before opening. The success of the event is dependent on the number of volunteers. New helpers are always very welcome, even if only for a short time. Why not volunteer and enjoy the congeniality of fellow volunteers and general hub bub of show?

Helpers are needed to:

  • Set up on the Friday from 4 pm.
  • Provide a trailer and or transport material from NOSSA shed to/from show venue – both on Friday before and/or afterwards on Sunday pm.

Assist at the show – even if only for a short period to help with:

  • Taking money for sales
  • Tea and coffee
  • General assistance as directed.

Please note:

  • Saturday morning is usually the busiest time
  • Both Growers & Exhibiters are required to assist for some time of the show. Remember we are assisting you in selling/displaying your plants.

And for those interested in either exhibiting or selling their plants below is all the information that you need to enter.


  • Setup day will be on the Friday night from 4pm.
  • Set needs to be finalised by 10 when the show will be open to the public
  • The Show will close at 4.00 pm on the Sunday and all plants are to be removed as soon as possible after closing time and no later than 5.00 pm.

Conditions and Procedure for Selling of Plants

  • No sales of plants on the trading table to members will be allowed on Friday or before the doors open at 10.00 am on Saturday morning so that everyone has a chance to buy the best plants. The exceptions are judges who must leave immediately for another judging event.
  • Members wishing to sell plants or items on the trading table must have 3 flowering plants in the Show display and should help during the show.
  • Labelling of Plants for Sale
    • There must be two labels, either in the pot or attached to a mount.
      • Sale label consisting of sale price and seller’s information
      • Customer label consisting of the plant name, provenance and relevant information
    • Each pot must have a removable sale label, either in the pot or attached to a mount, and showing
      • Sale Price
      • Exhibitor Number (or grower’s name)
      • Plant number (optional)
  • When a plant is sold the trading table attendant will remove the sale label and place it in a container. At the end of the show the container to go to treasurer who will pay growers according to labels, which will be returned for reuse.
  • Plants will not be checked off when put on sales table. Those manning the stall are to ensure no plants or tags go missing.
  • Suitable small plastic labels are available on the trading table in bundles of 20 for $2. Growers can supply their own labels if desired.
  • Some growers may still wish to fill out a schedule of sale plants for their own records. A plant number may be placed on the bottom of the removable label, but this is optional. The treasurer does not require the plant list.
  • NOSSA takes no responsibility for any loss due to theft of any member’s sales plants at any event.


  • All sections and classes cover Australasian Native Orchids only. Australasian means the Commonwealth of Australia and Territories, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Caledonia, Irian Jaya, Timor, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.
  • A seedling shall mean the complete plant grown from seed, (not a mericlone) flowering for the first time. The status of a seedling shall be retained throughout flowering season in which it first flowers.

Competition Plants

  • Plants competing for prizes shall have been owned and in the possession of the exhibitor for the preceding six (6) months. This does not apply to ferns and foliage.

Conditions of Entries

  • Exhibits must not be removed from the display before the termination of the show, unless exceptional circumstances are involved and then only with the approval of the Show Marshall.
  • NOSSA will not be held responsible for any
    • theft, loss or damage to plants or other items on display
    • and no exhibitor and/or seller of plants or other items shall have any claim against the Society or Show Officials.
  • The Society reserves the exclusive rights to photograph for its own purposes any exhibits in the show.
  • The Show Marshall or his deputy reserves the right to reject, remove or rearrange any exhibit.


  • Entry of exhibits are free and open to financial members of the Native Orchid Society of South Australia Inc.
  • The stageing of exhibits in all classes shall be entirely under the control and direction of the Show Marchall or deputy.
  • Types of Displays
    • Floor Display
    • Tabletop display
  • Orchids for judging may be staged in displays or as individual plants on the benches provided.
  • Plants exhibited in displays will be eligible for prize cards.
  • All entries exhibited in classes 101-503 are eligible for prize cards (see Trophies & Orchid Classes below for details of the different classes).
  • To be eligible for prizes, exhibits must have a label attached showing the plant name and exhibitors number and be exhibited by the time judging commences. Nominations are not required.
  • Plants not eligible must show NFJ (Not for Judging) on the label.
  • There is no restriction on the number of separate entries by an exhibitor in any one class or classes. Entries in joint names will be accepted.
  • Water must not be used in any display. Early morning misting may be allowed under authority of Show Marshall.
  • Exhibitors may use ferns and/or foliage to embellish exhibits. Such plants will not be taken into consideration when judging except for decorative effect in display classes.
  • No flowers or fruit other than native orchids may be used in any display.
  • When displays are being judged for arrangement and display, recognition will be given to displays that are uncluttered and plants are spaced to best advantage. As a guide approximately 20% of the floor area should be open to allow access by judges.

Floral Art

  • In the Floral Art classes, Australasian native orchids and non-flowering plant material must be used in all classes. Any Australasian embellishment may be used. There are no ownership restrictions.
  • The three sections of Floral Art are
    • Shoulder spray of Native Orchids
    • Restaurant Table Centrepiece featuring native orchids to fit inside an imaginary container 150mm diam x 250mm tall.
    • Vase of native orchids
  • Staging must be completed for the Floral Art section by 10.00 am on the Saturday morning


  • Judging will commence at 8 am on the Saturday before the show opens to the public at 10 am.
  • ANOS Judging Standards apply.
  • Judges decisions shall be final and binding.
  • No prize shall be given if in the opinion of the judges a prize is not warranted.


  • Australian Dendrobium species* included in:
    • Dendrobium section Dedrocoryne are: (adae, aemulum, falcorostrum, fleckeri, jonesii sp. Aff jonesii (ruppianum), kingianum, gracilicaule, (macropus), moorii, speciosum complex, tetragonum complex.
    • Dendrobium section Monophyllacea are: carrii, monophyllum, and schneiderae.
    • Dendrobium section Phalaenanthe are: affine and bigibbum, lithocola & phalaenopsis.
    • Dendrobium section Spathulata are: antennatum, carronii, canaliculatum complex, discolour, johannis, mirbelianum, nindii and trilamellatum.
    • Rizobium section are: bowmanii, calamiforme, cucumerinum, fairfaxii, sp. aff. fairfaxii (teretifolium complex), linguiforme, lichenastrum, mortii,(tennuissimum), prenticeii, pugioniforme, rigidum, racemosum, striolatum, shoeninum (beckleri), torresae, teretifolium and wasselii.

*It is the policy of NOSSA to neither accept nor reject the proposed name changes.

Trophies & Orchid Classes

Grand Champion of the Show (Terrestrial or Epiphyte) Donated by NOSSA

Other Trophies

  • Champion Terrestrial Species (Roy Hargreaves Trophy) Donated by the Hargreaves Family
  • Champion Terrestrial Hybrid (Kay Nesbitt Trophy) Donated by Les Nesbitt
  • Champion Epiphytic Species (Wells Trophy) Donated by Bub Wells
  • Champion Epiphytic Hybrid Donated by NOSSA
  • Champion Novice Terrestrial Species (Fuller Terrestrial Trophy) Donated by Margaret Fuller
  • Champion Novice Epiphytic Species (Fuller Epiphyte Trophy) Donated by Margaret Fuller
  • Champion Floral Art Exhibit (Champion Card & ribbon)
  • Best Australian Species Bill Murdoch Trophy nomination and also Les Nesbitt Award nomination.
  • Best Australian Hybrid Ira Butler Trophy nomination and also Reg Shooter Award nomination
  • Best Australasian Species and Hybrid G. Herman Slade Trophy Nominations


  • A card will be presented to best display in each section.
  • Section 1 Floor Display
  • Section 2 Tabletop display

Orchid Classes

  • All orchids benched will be judged if eligible. Owners not wanting an orchid judged/ not eligible must show on label NFJ (Not for Judging)
  • First and second prize cards will be awarded.
Australian Epiphytic Species
101 Dendrobium falcorostrum
102 Dendrobium gracilicaule
103 Dendrobium kingianum
104 Dendrobium speciosum complex
105 Dendrobium tetragonum complex
106 Other Dendrobium species section Dendrocoryne
107 Rizobium Group species (terete)
108 Other Dendrobium species
109 Sarcochilus falcatus
110 Sarcochilus aequalis
111 Other Sarcochilus species
112 Other Sarcanthinae species
113 Other Epiphytic species
114 Seedling Epiphytic species – first flowering
115 Specimen Epiphytic species
Terrestrial Species
116 Acianthus
117 Caladenia alliance
118 Chiloglottis alliance
119 Cyrtostylis
120 Diuris
121 Glossodia
122 Multi-flowered Pterostylis alliance species
123 Other Pterostylis alliance species
124 Thelymitra
125 Other Terrestrial species
126 Seedling terrestrial species, first flowering
127 Specimen Terrestrial
Australasian Species. Includes species from within the ANOS defined Australasian Region. With the exception of Australia
301 Australasian Dendrobium species
Australian Hybrids.
Hybrids with non-Australian parentage, either wholly or partly, are not eligible for these classes.
201 Dendrobium Bardo Rose, Delicatum and Gracillimum
202 Dendrobium Hybrid, White/Cream
203 Dendrobium Hybrid, Yellow/Orange
204 Dendrobium hybrid, Pink/Red/Purple
205 Dendrobium Hybrid, Any other Colour
206 Rizobium Group Hybrid (terete)
207 Sarcanthinae Hybrid, White
208 Sarcanthinae Hybrid, Pink/Red
209 Sarcanthinae Hybrid, Any other colour
210 Seedling Epiphyte Hybrid, first flowering
211 Specimen Hybrid Epiphyte
Terrestrial Hybrids
212 Caladenia Alliance Hybrid
213 Diuris Hybrid
214 Pterostylis Alliance Hybrid
215 Thelymitra Hybrid
216 Other Terrestrial Hybrid
217 Seedling Terrestrial Hybrid
218 Specimen Terrestrial Hybrid
Floral Art Arrangements
501 Shoulder spray of Native Orchids
502 Restaurant Table Centrepiece featuring native orchids to fit inside an imaginary container 150mm diam x 250mm tall.
503 Vase of native orchids
Australasian Hybrids.
between Australasian parents only or with mixed Australasian & Australian parentage.
401 Australasian Hybrid