A comprehensive book with 416 orchid species, 289 maps and 1,740 photos showing key diagnostic features for identification.

It has been over 30 years since the production of a complete book on South Australian orchids. June Niejalke, an experienced and respected South Australian orchidologist, has worked tirelessly on a whole new volume.

There is a section especially for the novice while at the same time there is much for the very knowledgeable.

  • RRP: $60
  • NOSSA members: $50 plus postage and handling
  • Non-NOSSA members: $60 plus postage and handling

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The first thing to do when you get June’s book …

June’s book is fantastic and is sure to get a lot of use. To help keep her book in good condition librarians offer this important advice of initial care of a new book –

A Peep inside …

When you don’t know the name, check the image it is most like and there will be a colour code and page number directing you to the best place to look for more information.
Similar species are next to each other, photographs direct you to the features to consider, maps, general description and flowering times all on the one page.
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