DVD Reviews

South Australia’s Native Orchids (DVD) by R.J.Bates

Dr Frances Greeshaw
Assistant Director,

Species Information Section
Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, ACT

“the CD for the South Australian Orchid arrived today and I am currently having a look at it.  May I say it is brilliant!  It is one of the best plant guides that I have seen with the level of detail, set up, language and use-ability.  I wish reference guides of this type were available during my peak time of field surveys.”


Cathy Powers, Orchidologist
Growing Austalian, December 2011
Australian Plants Society Victoria Inc

I own two earlier versions of this and after looking at the improved, revamped version, I now own this one too.  It is sponsored by the Native Orchid Society of South Australia and is a combined effort of members and non-members.

Most of the imagery in the Genus Photographic Guide section is stunning, the detailed information throughout the DVD is up-to-date and previous version inaccuracy has been rectified.

If you are a person who enjoys the challenge of orchid identification, this is a valuable, tool,  It may not be something you would use ‘in the field’ but most certainly is worth owning to facilitate improved knowledge of terrrestrial orchids

of South Australia, terrestrial orchids in general and making headway as you work through you hundreds of images brought home on you camera and uploaded to your PC.

A bonus is that it does not take up much space on your already overcrowded book shelf.  I can highly recommend this DVD as a valuable tool.


Chris O’Loughlin
Friends of Private Bushland Newsletter, December 2011

The Native Orchid Society of SA has published this definitive guide to all of the orchids of South Australia.  It consists of 1,276 pages in a single PDF file which makes it user-friendly and easy to search.

It contains an extensive introduction, synonyms for all species, a photographic genus guide rather than a key, and all of SA’s species with 2 pages devoted to each species, including typical photos of each plant along with colour variants.

A hardback book of this size and quality would require extensive shelf space and would cost hundreds of dollars.  In this very useful format, it is a snip at $25 + $3 p&p.

Available from:

Native Orchid Society of South Australia contact http://www.nossa.org.au or email: nossa.enquiries@gmail.com

Incidently, Bob Bate’s earlier work Orchids of South Australia by R.J.Bates and J.Z.Weber, SA Govt Printer, 1990, is now out of print, but can be accessed in PDF form at the Herbarium website: http://www.flora.sa.gov.au



Microtis arenaria (Sand Hill Onion Orchid)


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