Orchid eBooks (Free)

Although many (but not all) of these books are out of print they are available as pdf documents and are still of interest.  Click on the images to open the files.

  • Orchids of South Australia by R J Bates  & J Z Weber (1990) 241 pages Orchids of South Australia Bates & Weber
  • Species Names & Their Synonyms Chapter 11, South Australia’s Native Orchids 2011

This chapter contains a list of all the orchids in the DVD with their synonyms.  Orchids names have undergone changes over time and as a result different publications will have different names.  This chapter was written to help link the different names.  The names used in this disk have been found to be eminently practical for identifying orchids when out in the field.Title Page

  • West Australian Orchids by Emily H Pelloe (1930) 54 pagesPelloe West Australian Orchids-2
  • Victoria’s Small Caladenias by Rudie Kuiter 1st edition 45 pages
    There is an updated enlarged second edition which is only available as a hard copy and is worth purchasing from the author.


  • An Introduction to the Study of South Australian Orchids by R S Rogers, (1911) 2nd edition, revised and enlarged 64 pages

South Australian Orchids

  • The Vocabulary of Orchids: An Amateur Perspective by Allen B. Martin (2005) 1,161 pages

The Vocabulary of Orchids by Allen Martin-1

  • Ladies Botany Volume I John Lindley (1834 – 1837)  The orchid chapter begins on page 223 of the book

The ladies' botany of Professor Lindley : abridged by the author

  • Flowering Times of Tasmanian Orchids: A Practical Guide for Field Botanists  Mark Wapstra, Nina Roberts, Hans and Annie Wapstra.  Self-published by the authors (May 2012 3rd Edition).

Microsoft Word - Flowering Times of Tasmanian Orchids_March2012.

  • A Glossary of Botanic Terms may be an old book but there are botanists who still find it useful.A Glossary of Botanic Terms: With Their Derivation and Accent (1900)

All of these books have been found on online and can be freely downloaded.  Click on the image or link to download

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