One thought on “Thelymitra inflata”

  1. My name is Jay Pfahl and I write an international effort to have photos or drawings of all the world’s orchid species in one easy reference. I started this project in 1996 and to date have documented photos [many in situ] or type drawings of more than 22,680 species within 856 genera with the help of numerous botanists collectors, enthusiasts, growers as well as myself. The site is non-commercial, no plants are bought, sold or traded, and most important it is free to all to use all over the world. I have some 3827162 unique users from more than 205 countries. I hope you are aware of it but if not check it out. The site is reviewed by many orchid scholars and in fact was encouraged by Dr Leslie Garay in 1997 who donated his entire slide collection to the site. Dr Eric Christenson was also involved early on while he was alive. Many other current Botanists and orchid enthusiasts have donated their time, drawings or photos.
    Whatever monies I have ever generated off this site [google ads and memberships to the site that give nothing extra, in other words gifts] goes back 100% and then a lot more of my own money towards references, I have acquired a very good old and new orchid library which provides the information that the site has about each species. I would like to use your photo of Thelymitra inflata and many others for the site with full credit to the photographer and a link to the Nossa Website. Would you like to add this species ato the Encyclopedia? Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide!
    Jay Pfahl
    The Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia

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