Australian Orchids & the Doctors they Commenorate Part 12 of 20

Herman Beckler (1828 – 1914)

A general medical practitioner in Ipswich and Warwick (Queensland) and, after 1862, in Germany; in 1860, he travelled with the Burke and Wills expedition as a doctor–botanist and expeditioner in Victoria and New South Wales.

Orchid Species:

Dockrillia schoenina (= Dendrobium beckleri) or common name Pencil Orchid

Papillilabium beckleri or common name Imp Orchid

Australian Orchids & the Doctors they Commemorate Part 10 of 20

Charles Brightly Prentice (1820 – 1894)

A Brisbane surgeon, naturalist and botanical collector, a member of the Medical Board of Queensland, and an expert on Australian ferns.

Orchid Species:

Bulbophyllum prenticei

Synonyms: Dendrobium prenticei, Davejonesia prenticei

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