Orchid Identification Quiz #1

In 2006 the electronic version of the Journal of the Native Orchid Society of South Australia Volume 30 No 2 March contained a quiz – Do you Know Your Leaves? It featured photographs of the leaves of 15 different orchid. In 2011 Robert Lawrence produced a book titled Start With the Leaves which was based upon the premise that the flower is not always present but identification is still possible.

Many but not all can be identified to species level by the leaf alone.

So here is the web version of the original quiz – how well do you know your leaves?

Hint – 20 of them are South Australian, more specifically, the Mount Lofty Ranges region.  One is a weed.

Arachnorchis tentaculataThelymitra benthamiana Thelymitra antennifera Pyrorchis nigricans Plumatochilus sp Woodland Bearded Greenhood  Oligochaetochilus bisetusOrthoceras strictum Nemacianthus caudatus Eriochilus sp Hills Woodland  Leporella fimbriata Diuris palustrisGlossodia major

Diuris orientis

Diuris behrii

Cyrtostylis reniformisDisa bracteata - weed  Corunastylis spCaladenia prolata Calochilus robertsonii  Bunochilus sp non-fertile plant

Corysanthes diemenica

Did you get them?  Click on the image to go to the name and pictures of the flower. As a couple of the links are not working and until I have time to rectify them, click here to find the all answers in the Journal.
It will be on the last page.

More to come another time ………

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