Discovering Ducks (Orchids that is)!

Each year the Australian Orchid Foundation has an orchid essay competition.  The topic for 2014 Essay Competition was Our Favourite Orchid.  The orchid featured, unsuprisingly, was the Flying Duck Orchid, Caleana major.  The authors were K Yin and Sau-wan Chan.  It is an interesting story and well worth the read of their discovering the delights of this unique Australian orchid.

It all started with the arrival of an email from Sau-wan’s sister who lives in Hong Kong with an article about the Flying Duck Orchid. The article contained lovely pictures of this orchid taken from different angles. It stated that this orchid from Down Under was as unique to the Australian flora as the kangaroo and platypus were to the Australian fauna. The orchid even had a stamp from Australian Post released in its honour! The email ended with the question asking us if we had seen the orchid. This really presented a serious challenge to us and we were both embarrassed and curious by this – embarrassed because of the fact that we had neither seen nor even heard of this orchid after having lived in Australia for nearly 40 years. We love the Australian bush and regard ourselves as having at least above average knowledge of Australian flora and fauna amongst our friends. … Read More

caleana major

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