Snapshot of Australian Orchid Conservation

Internationally, there is concern about the decline of orchids as seen in the resolutions passed in May 2016 at the International Orchid Conservation Congress Conference.  In Australia, there are many orchid conservation projects in progress both in situ and ex situ.

The following are some examples of the varied work being done around the country by volunteers, orchid enthusiasts, ecologists, conservationists, academics and government departments.

And here in South Australia there are also various projects. Dr Noushka Reiter is also working with the South Australian Seedbank to help propagate four of our very threatened orchids.  Members of the Native Orchid Society are assisting as also are Paul Beltrame (teacher) and students from Kildare College through the Orchid in Schools Project.

06 sm PM Arachnorchis argocalla


Bratz no longer …..

There comes a time when one needs to just sit back, relax and smell the roses …  well in this case the orchids.  This is just what the dolls from Tree Change Dolls did.


Sonia Singh, a Tasmanian artist, has been recycling old Bratz dolls giving them a down-to-earth style so different from their previous creation. She obviously loves nature and this is reflected in the transformation of the dolls.  The dolls are as appealing as the orchids she photographed them with.

Drawing lessons
Friends enjoying the orchids together
Between the Orchids
Just between you and me …
Just the right size
Ahh… Just the right size!
Ready to draw
Who needs an ipad when I have pencil and pad.
With Spotted Sun Orchid
Spotted Sun Orchid and me

Sonia uses some of the money from the sales of the dolls to support various charities.  In April 2016, she donated 10% of her sales to the Tasmanian Land Conservancy.

Keep up the good work Sonia. 🙂

BTW for those who are interested in the transformation, below are some before and after shots of the dolls featured in this post.

Before and After

To see other dolls, visit her site

Note: all images are from Sonia’s website.


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